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These rules apply to all forum posts here at our website as well as day to day conduct in game.

1) Be Respectful.  While you are not required to role play you are expected to be tolerant of those who do and refrain from mocking them for choosing to do so. (Though in-character mocking of people who are being silly is accepted and expected.)

2) Minimize the Leet-Speak. Same with emoticons; ROFL, LOL. :), :--), ;-), ikr, swag, jelly, I could go on but my eyes are already burning.  We are a group of mature people and we want to keep our forums (and guild chat) clean and tidy. If you want to be taken seriously, you should conduct yourself appropriately.

3) No Harassment.  This is not a dating site.  Don't come here to flirt, sext, exchange naughty photos, hit on, or otherwise harass our members. (In character or out of character) We are gamers.  We're here to game and have fun.

4) Watch the Language.  Again we are a group of mature members, and while we've seen it all before, we are not impressed with people who aren't able to adequately use the English language to express themselves without having to resort to "colorful metaphors".  While we accept (and in some cases expect) the occasional slip on mumble or ventrilo when taking the time to compose a post in the forums, take 15 seconds to look over what you wrote before you hit submit.


~ Mograthna